The National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) and the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) launched this project to inform incoming national leaders about policy and management challenges facing the Nation. This effort includes the release of a series of memoranda outlining these challenges and recommending solutions representing a consensus of the best thinking by public management practitioners and researchers across the country.

The memoranda have been developed with both a Presidential and Congressional focus, reflecting the joint ownership of problems and solutions for these major challenges. We have produced memoranda in the following nine key areas, outlined below. These memos are the opinions and views of their respective authors, and are not the opinions of The National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) and the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA).

Part I: Managing Government to Achieve National Objectives

     Memo 1. Strengthening the Center of Government: A Government-Wide Strategy to Improve Performance

     Memo 2. Organizing the White House: Bridging the Executive-Legislative Divide

     Memo 3. Staffing the President's Team

     Memo 4. Workforce Management: Human Resource Management and Public Service Motivation

Part II: Strengthening Policy Leadership and Follow Through

     Memo 5. Governing with Foresight: Bringing Strategic Foresight to Bear in Planning and Management

     Memo 6. Reforming the Federal Budget Process: Budgeting for National Goals

     Memo 7. Performance Accountability, Evidence, and Improvement: Bi-Partisan Reflections and Recommendations to the

         Next Administration

     Memo 8. Implementing Policy Initiatives: Successfully Vetting and Strengthening Major Initiatives Before Launch

     Memo 9. Expanding the Intelligent Use of Technology: Promoting Innovation, Collaboration, and Citizen Engagement

     Memo 10. Broading and Deepening Ethics Standards and Training for Federal and State Officials

Part III: Managing Across Boundaries to Achieve National Goals

     Memo 11. Collaboration Across Boundaries

     Memo 12. Cross-Agency Collaboration: Building the Ecosystem to Support Cross-Agency Capacity

     Memo 13. Managing Across Boundaries: Strengthening Partnerships with State and Local Governments

     Memo 14. Strengthening Government-Nonprofit Partnerships

     Memo 15. Improving the Role of Public-Private Partnerships: Creating Public Value

Part IV: Sharpening the Tools of Government in Action

     Memo 16. Procurement: Focusing on Performance and Results

     Memo 17. Leveraging the Synergy of Federal-State-Local Partnerships Through Grants: Shared Governance in our

         Federal System

     Memo 18. Federal Regulations: An Agenda to Improve Administrative Rulemaking

     Memo 19. Tax Expenditure: Improving Design and Oversight

Part V: Increasing Government's Capacity to Manage Complex Policy Issues

      Memo 20. Healthcare Access, Quality and Cost: Toward a Better Balance

     Memo 21. Infrastructure: Building a New Paradigm for Finance and Governance

     Memo 22. Investing in Environmental Protection: Energy and Water

     Memo 23. Implementing Successful Strategies: The Need for Effective Homeland Security and Emergency Management

     Memo 24. Strengthening Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement: Moving into the Future Requires Looking to the Past

     Memo 25. Promoting Advancement in Science, Technology, and Higher Education: Increasing Government's Capacity to

         Manage Complex Policy Issues

APPENDIX - Comprehensive List of Recommendations