Enhancing Federal Training and Development

  Memo #3 of Strengthening the Federal Workforce

Summary: To address increased demands on the federal workforce, we recommend the President and Congress enhance funding for training and development to drive a cultural shift that rewards individual achievement and innovation.

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Recommended Actions

1. Increased emphasis on training and development by the Federal Government’s political and bureaucratic leadership. In order to achieve a cultural shift that welcomes and rewards training and development activities, these activities need to be supported at the highest levels of the government. Employees take their lead from political and bureaucratic leaders. If training and development are valued and rewarded in the federal workplace for a sustained amount of time, a shift in the organizational culture will have begun.

2. Specific funds need to be set aside for training and development activities. A source or fixed percentage of funding not subject to normal budgetary pressures should be set aside to fund training and development activities. Such a funding source will provide necessary stability and continuity throughout budgetary peaks and valleys.

3. Closer ties between training and development, and career progression. A revitalized federal compensation system that links salary progression to individual achievement can most easily be accomplished through career ladders linked to individual training and professional development accomplishments. Such progression is transparent and appropriate for a large and diverse organization such as the Federal Government.