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COVID-19: Resource Platform

As COVID-19 disrupts every area of our lives, we've developed a resource platform to provide relevant articles from Academy Fellows, resources from all levels of government, and on-the-ground perspectives from communities.

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Grand Challenges: The Election 2020 Project

The Academy formed a series of Working Groups of its Fellows to address Grand Challenges in Public Administration. These Groups were charged with producing one or more papers to advise the Administration in 2021 (whether reelected or newly elected) on the key near-time actions that should be taken to begin addressing Grand Challenges.

*NEW* Improving Child Well-Being & Reducing Food Insecurity

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GC of the Month: Develop New Approaches to Public Governance and Engagement

In the 21st Century, no significant public problem fits entirely within one government agency, or even one level of government, and our federal system presupposes that all levels of government have an important role to play in the democratic process.

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A Statement from the National Academy of Public Administration President and CEO Terry Gerton on Social Equity

Social equity is often named as the fourth pillar of public administration, along with economy, efficiency, and effectiveness. Social equity, which addresses fairness, justice and equity for all, is tremendously relevant today.

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Election 2020 Action Plans

Two new action plans are now available: "Promoting Social Equity in an Evidence-Based Policy Environment" and "Improving Child Well-Being & Reducing Food Insecurity"

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The Agile Government Center

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New / Grand Challenges

Election 2020: Foster Social Equity

By the Election 2020 Academy Working Group including fellows, Margaret C. Simms, RaJade M. Berry-James, Gary Glickman, and Demetra

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Roundtable on Social Equity

Social equity—a key pillar of public administration alongside economy, efficiency, and effectiveness—addresses fairness, justice, and equity

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Promoting Social Equity Through Civil Rights Education For Public Service: Miles’ Law, Different Experiences, But Toward Common Action

By Phillip J. Cooper, Douglas and Candace Morgan Professor of Local Government, Department of Public Administration, Mark O. Hatfield

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