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COVID-19: Resource Platform

As COVID-19 disrupts every area of our lives, we've developed a resource platform to provide relevant articles from Academy Fellows, resources from all levels of government, and on-the-ground perspectives from communities.

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Grand Challenges: The Election 2020 Project

The Academy formed a series of Working Groups of its Fellows to address Grand Challenges in Public Administration. These Groups were charged with producing one or more papers to advise the Administration in 2021 (whether reelected or newly elected) on the key near-time actions that should be taken to begin addressing Grand Challenges.

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GC of the Month: Protect Electoral Integrity and Enhance Voter Participation

Voting at the federal, state, and local levels is fundamental to American democracy, and citizens must have confidence in electoral systems, processes, and results. Electoral integrity and voter participation are enhanced by (1) ensuring that everyone with a legal right to vote is able to do so; (2) protecting such critical election infrastructure as storage facilities, polling places, and centralized vote tabulation locations; and (3) safeguarding such information and communications technology as voter registration databases, voting machines, and other electoral management systems.

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Registration Open for 2020 Virtual Fall Meeting

This year's virtual Fall Meeting will focus on the role of public administrators in building resilient communities. 2020 has been a uniquely challenging year--we have a presidential election, a pandemic, and social and racial unrest. How do we continue to build resiliency in our communities, in our networks, and in our nation? This virtual meeting will address those questions through a series of live sessions including plenary sessions, Standing Panel breakout sessions, and award sessions. The meeting will also include a curated section of on-demand sessions.

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Election 2020 Action Plans

A new action plan is now available: "Create Modern Water Systems for Safe and Sustainable Use"

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The Agile Government Center

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New / Grand Challenges

Virtual Roundtable on Fiscal Health

The United States faces serious current and long-term fiscal challenges at every level of government. The long-term Federal deficit continues

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Election 2020: Create Modern Water Systems for Safe and Sustainable Use

By the Election 2020 Academy Working Group including fellows, Scott Fosler, Gerry Galloway, Anthony Griffin, Felicia Marcus, and Mark

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When Precedent Isn’t a Guidepost: State and Local Budgets in the COVID-19 Era

By Michael Pagano, Dean of the College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs at the University of Illinois at

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