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Gov Actually Episode 36: The biggest challenges facing America’s governments

Gov Actually is back to kick off 2020 with a brand new episode featuring Terry Gerton, president of the National Academy of Public Administration. During the chat, Gerton walks hosts Dan Tangherlini and Danny Werfel through NAPA’s focus on public administration and making “government work for all.” She also presents the academy’s new Grand Challenges, an agenda of 12 critical issues facing public administration today — things like social equity, election security, water safety and sustainability, and the adoption of artificial intelligence.

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Solving the biggest challenges in public administration

A team of fellows at NAPA have composed a list of 12 grand challenges for public administration. One top priority is having local, state, and federal government work together in addressing the issues they’ve laid out. Jeffrey Neal, senior vice president at ICF, says they want the list to get people thinking and begin the discussion on tackling these grand challenges.

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FedHeads Podcast with Terry Gerton on Grand Challenges in Public Administration

On this episode of #FedHeads, Robert and Francis talk to Terry Gerton, President and CEO of the National Academy of Public Administration on their new initiative to help tackle to the Grand Challenges in Public Administration

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Grand challenges in public administration: Implications for public service education, training, and research

For the past few decades, the United States has been in a state of near constant change. As new challenges have arisen and demands on government have increased, however, the public sector has often been in a reactive mode – struggling to adapt to a rapidly evolving international, economic, social, technological, and cultural environment. Over the next decade, it will be even more important for governments at all levels to improve their operations so that they can both tackle new problems in new ways and earn the public’s trust.

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Creating an Agenda for Reform

Should a new group be formed to study key issues facing state and local governments in this country? That question was posed earlier this month during the annual meeting of the National Academy of Public Administration.

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NAPA publishes annual examination of role of public administrators in driving change

At its annual fall meeting, the National Academy of Public Administration on Thursday published a list of what its members think are the grand challenges in public administration. The Academy’s President and CEO Terry Gerton joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin for the highlights.

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12 Big Problems That Government Urgently Needs to Address

What should government do over the next decade? And how should it go about achieving its goals?

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Sirius XM's Tim Farley interviews Terry Gerton on Grand Challenges

The Academy has just launched a new campaign, Grand Challenges in Public Administration

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