Grand Challenges in Public Administration!

The National Academy of Public Administration is launching a new program—Grand Challenges in Public Administration—to identify and address the biggest challenges that government at all levels will face through the 2020s. 

We seek input from everyone—including practitioners, academics, students, interest groups, and the general public—on WHAT government must do over the next decade and HOW it should do it. 

What must government do? How should government do it?

Grand challenges are the most compelling issues that government needs to address over the next decade, both from a programmatic and an operational standpoint. 

We seek input on WHAT government must do:

  • Over the next decade, what is a grand challenge that government (federal, state, and/or local) must address in order for American society to reach its full potential?

The What

We also seek input on HOW government must do it:

  • Over the next decade, what is the most important thing that government can do to improve its management and operations so it has the capacity to address the most critical challenges facing the United States?

The How